Website Settings

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Select your tagline and time zone

Tagline – A memoragle phrase that defines the message and function of your brand or product to help keep it in consumers mind.

WordPress Address: Defaults to

Site Address : your first and last name

Timezone: Detroit



Set up defaults for posts category, format and link categories. The options in the dropdown menu are based on the categories or pages you have already created. 

Here is where you will create your settings for posting via email if that is a feature you will find useful.

  • Remote Publishing – we will not need this for our purposes since we are working directly in WordPress
  • Updates Services – This is a feature within WordPress that can save a lot of time and provide great value. You can set up outposts to alert when you make a new blog post. This link  sends it to many of the most popular readers and blogs but you may also want to add a few others that are specific to your industry or audience.

Most people use Ping-o-Matic which, with just one “ping” from you, will let many other services know that you’ve updated your website of blog. This is helpful to get your content and message to more viewers/readers and build traffic to your site.

If you don’t want this service (why wouldn’t you?) remove all the update service URI’s under “Update Services” .If your host prevents pings, stop WordPress from attempting to Ping and use a feedburner service instead. For instance:



Set Up Home Page and specific Blog Page. We will return to this once we start creating pages. For now just leave the defaults. The numbers will be dependent on on the length of your blogs in your blog pages and is an independent choice for each user.



  • Default article settings
  • Other comment settings
  • E-mail me whenever….
  • Before a comment appears
  • Comment Moderation
  • Comment Blacklist

It’s important to check this frequently and possibly set up captchas to keep from getting spam. Blogs with commenting can get a lot of spam and if you set up to auto post all comments you must be diligent in reviewing your blog regularly.

How to turn comments off on individual pages – Turn comments on or off


  • Avatar Display
  • Rating Level – G, PG, R, X
  • Default Avatar

An avatar, also known as a profile pic in social media sites, is an image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on avatar enabled sites. Here you can enable the display of avatars for people who comment on your site.

media settings



Set Default Image Sizes for thumbnail, medium and large file display options.

Embeds – of video,audio, etc. determine whether a link is embedded or the entire file.

Uploading Files – the default; wp-content/uploads folder is set up already for our use.



Site Visibility:


Unless you have set up a site that is for a specific invite-only group, such as like the site we are using for this class, you always want search engines to index your site if you want people to visit it. Please keep in mind even if you have search engine not to index the site checked some search engines may still index even though you have checked it not be.

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Leave as default for now.