Website Set-Up

Some Questions to Ask Before You Begin

  • Will you host your website for free with a WordPress URL ( and store your website files on their server for free?
Some considerations is that blogs/websites hosted for free contain ads. These are ads that bring revenue to WordPress, not you. You also do not have control over what ads are running on your blog – possibly competitors ads could run on your site. The free level has limited space (10 GBs) for your websites/blogs files.
  • Do you have a personal or professional domain ( or, etc.) you would like to purchase or have purchased already? If so, you can still host your site with WordPress for a fee if you desire (at publishing $99/year).
There are many domain registrars online to choose from. I caution you to stay away from any companies who offer a personal domain name for free. If their service is less than great, etc. you may end up losing your domain in the long run (after you have paid to advertise it on your business cards, brochures, etc.). Registering a domain name is very inexpensive and it serves you to pay the annual registration fee (typiclly no more than $20.00). We typically recommend Network Solutions or GoDaddy. Connection Graphics can assist you in securing the domain if you prefer – all customer domain registration will be released to the client upon request. Many of the registrars sell multiple products so purchasing the one item can sometimes get confusing and the price keeps climbing because they are adding other, often unnecessary features. If it is complicated for you we can help.
When you secure your domain name and have a host already set up you will need to set the dns (domain name server) to the address of the host your website will be located with. The host service will provide this address to you, there are two or three provided. Exam.;; You will also create or receive a user name and password to upload all of your website files to your chosen host.
  • Do you want to host your website independent of WordPress where you can add unlimited domain associated emails, (,unlimited uploads and storage, access, etc.?
All that is required of this is to have the WordPress software installed on the server where you will be hosting your site. Just ask your host if they support WordPress sites and you will have a variety of hosting options.  Connection Graphics offers website hosting services that support WordPress websites and blogs. You will need to set it to your dns address for your host (as mentioned in the previous answer above) along with having a username and password for access. Depending on your website hosting service and if you decide not to use a WordPress content management system, you may need a separate ftp software to upload your files.
If your host doesn’t currently support WordPress and you are comfortable uploading software to a server you can start here, there are detailed instructions
For this class I have set up sites for all the students already. If you enrolled early I was able to add your name, others will have site names created such as:, etc.
WordPress has a built in ftp so you should be okay without for our practice..

Let’s set you up as a User so you can get in and make edits anytime.

user graphic

User Settings and Access

Determining your administrative settings, including users and levels of access will also need to be started at this stage so that you can make edits easily once your website is set up. Additional users can be added at a later date. Users can always be removed as needed and higher or lower levels of access can be set depending on each users role in the website.

You can set up the appearance of your admin area, choose color pallette, etc. This is not the content visitors to your website or blog will see – this is for your own preference when working ‘behind the scenes’ in the CMS.

Add new user

Profile – Set up your personal preferences, what you want the admin panel to look like, keyboard shortcuts you will be using frequently plus the contact information you want to share. This contact information is hidden from the public – only website users have access to is and those can be limited also. Set or change your password here.

Once you are signed in, from the Dashboard, or Home we will go to General Settings.