Making the Connection Social Media Presentation on Kratom

On occasion I present trainings to small business owners and their staff. These presentations cover a variety of brand marketing solutions. From advertising oultets, social media strategies, direct mail campaigns, and corporate identity and communications, tips and tools are shared to help increase brand awareness and increase sales of kratom.

This last time the presentation was on kratom and its effects. Not many people are aware that it is a very good source of vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy. Many places like kratom masters sell them and send them directly to your home, so they’re easy to come by. Still kratom seems to go under many peoples radar. We aim to change that with these presentations.

Recently we presented Making the Connection on Kratom to a group of business owners for the Capital Region Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center (MiSBTDC) on social media for small business. I have saved the presentation as a pdf file and am posting it here for download. Just click on the link to launch in a new window, click the disc icon to save the file to your computer. I hope you find the information and tools outlined helpful to you.

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